farm fresh eggs and all their natural beauty

before we moved out to land and got ourselves some chickens, I just never realized the beauty of farm fresh eggs. I think they look nice and the natural colors are amazing but what makes it most unique and exquisite is that these naturally dyed and beautiful ovals come from animals that we have taken care of here with our own hands. somehow that makes it even prettier to me.. like we had something to do with their beauty...


eggs are super healthy and even more so if you can get your hands on some fresh eggs that have been laid by good ole' free range chickens who get to spend their days basking in the sun (and dirt!) and chasing all their favorite bugs around the land.  now that we've had our own eggs, it's almost impossible to buy some from the store. I've had to do it a few times and I cringe. the store eggs are a pale yellow yolk compared to our deep orange yolks. even when they say cage free and all the notices they put on the boxes, there's just no way those hens were treated as good as some from your local natural based farmer. 


you know whats funny, I never thought I'd be writing a blog post about eggs! something that is so little and fragile BUT they sure are a huge part in our lives here. we tend to the chickens, give them a safe place to roost at night, supplement their free range with healthy single grains (non gmo and no corn and no soy of course), watch them hatch babies, watch in awe as the mamas teach them everything they need to know and in return they not only give us these amazing eggs, but they also provide some serious entertainment.  my favorite is when one finds a worm and so they all start place chase and tag until someone finally eats it.  so fun!


and lastly, the eggs sure make for some pretty pics right? have you ever had fresh eggs?