some homeschool tips to help your sanity

homeschool is not always roses and butterflies (and festive pumpkins).. but when it is, it’s golden. I'm working on an 'advice to new homeschoolers' post but until then I wanted to throw out a few tips that really help me stay sane. homeschool does not have to be stressful and honestly one of the main reasons we do it is to live a more simple life without the hustle and bustle of everyday rushing and spending all day in a box. homeschooling with your children should be a bond of fun and educational times. of course there will be some hurdles and some moments of frustrations but when those times come - it just means it's time to step away for a minute. at those moments just get up and walk away and go bake some cookies or hang out at the park, those are the joys and leeways of being in control of how we spend our time while during homeschool.

so here's a few tips and I hope they help you in some way!

  1. spend time outside 
  2. read aloud often (even with older kids!)
  3. don’t try to be like other homeschool families. your family is unique, just do you
  4. don’t overload with course material, kids need to learn basics and habits. everyday life already teaches them so much if they are equipped with observations and opportunities. 
  5. learning goes beyond books and pencils 
  6. have fun and truly enjoy your kids 

lovely chalkboards provided by chalk full of design . my kids love these. we have a huge chalkboard at home but these are really nice for individual work where they are free to do it elsewhere plus they are amazing during travel and trips! 


are you homeschooling? what helps you stay sane?