you must destress! - holiday time survival

I love the holidays, maybe even kind of obsessed with them, but I know they also tend to be a stressful time. there’s food to make, food to eat, and more food to make… and then there’s presents to buy, presents to wrap, and more presents to buy. you get my drift…

my 10 destress tips that I PROMISE will help you get through this next week!


1 - quiet time with you and your cup - wether it’s tea or coffee (or maybe something stronger), force yourself to pour a cup and sit down! bonus is that you probably need to hydrate yourself as stress takes demands on your body.

2 - make and light some candles. I love beeswax candles and they are easy to make (though messy!). they are non toxic which after reading into toxicity the past few years, I learned that most candles out there are super toxic. I use primarily beeswax and then mix in some coconut oil to lower the heat a little (otherwise it burns quickly and just melts quickly down the middle). I just through mine together without measuring but google beeswax and coconut oil diy candles and there’s tons of info out there.

3 - a hot bath. OF COURSE! and bring your cup of jo and your beeswax candles along =)

4 - a walk outside. even in cold winter weather, a good 15 minute walk is about the best stress reliever there is in my opinion. sometimes it’s hard to stop what you’re doing and get out the door but just make yourself do it. YOU CAN DO IT!

5 - call a friend, chat, and laugh

6 - cuddle up with a cozy blanket and dive into a book

7 - watch an old time fave Christmas movie with the family

8 - don't think you have to buy everyone presents.. and buy less than you normally would. this was hard for me but once I realized society put this ‘must buy presents' on us, it made it easier. share in the season of giving in other ways!

10 - yoga, massage, pedicure, all good things

which is your favorite? and which one will you promise to do asap?