pumpkin baths

pumpkin baths! we love October and autumn and all things cozy and lovely and orange and cider-ish. I don't use orange much in my pictures but you can always tell when it's October because the pumpkins start showing up everywhere.. and I mean everywhere. it's just so fun and cheery ya know?! 


so here we have pumpkins in the bath. remember the sensory post?,, pumpkins are FANTASTIC for that! did you know pumpkins float? - bam, impress your kids with that one. in all honesty, I didn't know they float and we were just having fun with pumpkins while little miss was bathing. and to our surprise they float. some like to float upside down but that's just cause they're special. the big kids were ecstatic to learn this so begged to try the large pumpkins. sure enough they float too! science experiment complete.


and they make the baths just so darn pretty! let me know if you try out pumpkins in the bath =)